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[專制] zhuānzhì autocracy

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        zhuānjiā, [專家], expert/specialist/CL:個|个[gè]
        zhuānyè, [專業], specialty/specialized field/main field of study (at university)/major/CL:門|门[mén...
        zhuānmén, [專門], specialist/specialized/customized
        zhuānjí, [專輯], album/record (music)/special collection of printed or broadcast material
        zhuānxīn, [專心], to concentrate/absorption/concentration/engrossed
        zhuān, [專]/[耑], for a particular person, occasion, purpose/focused on one thing/special/expert/p...
        zhuānzhù, [專注], to focus/to concentrate/to give one's full attention
        zhuānyòng, [專用], special/dedicated
        zhuānlán, [專欄], special column
        zhuāncháng, [專長], specialty/special knowledge or ability
        zhuānlì, [專利], patent/sth uniquely enjoyed (or possessed etc) by a certain group of people/mono...
访         zhuānfǎng, [專訪], to interview (a particular person or on a particular topic)/special interview/sp...
        zhuānyuán, [專員], assistant director/commissioner
        zhuānchéng, [專程], specifically/specially (for that purpose)
        zhuānhèng, [專橫], imperious/peremptory
        zhuāntí, [專題], specific topic (addressed by a book, lecture, TV program etc)/article, report or...
        zhuānmàidiàn, [專賣店], specialty store
        zhuānzhí, [專職], special duty/assigned full time to a task
        zhuānshǔ, [專屬], to belong or be dedicated exclusively to/proprietary/private/personal
线         zhuānxiàn, [專線], special-purpose phone line or communications link/hotline/special rail line (e.g...
        zhuānyī, [專一], single-minded/concentrated
        zhuānzhì, [專制], autocracy/dictatorship
        zhuānkē, [專科], specialized subject/branch (of medicine)/specialized training school
        zhuāngōng, [專攻], to specialize in/to major in
        zhuānmài, [專賣], monopoly/exclusive right to trade
        zhuānrén, [專人], specialist/person appointed for specific task
        zhuānchē, [專車], special (or reserved) train (or bus etc)/limousine/private car used as a taxi an...
        zhuānànzǔ, [專案組], special investigation team (legal or judicial)
        zhuānliè, [專列], special train/abbr. for 專門列車|专门列车[zhuān mén liè chē]
        zhuānchǎng, [專場], special performance
        zhuānxīnzhìzhì, [專心致志], with single-hearted devotion (idiom)
        zhuānlìquán, [專利權], patent right
        zhuānyǒu, [專有], exclusive/proprietary
        zhuānzhèng, [專政], dictatorship
        zhuānyèxìng, [專業性], professionalism/expertise
        zhuānguì, [專櫃], sales counter dedicated to a certain kind of product (e.g. alcohol)
        zhuānyèhù, [專業戶], family firm producing a special product/cottage industry
        dàzhuān, [大專], three-year college/junior college/professional training college
        tèkuàizhuāndì, [特快專遞], express mail
        zhuānkēxuéxiào, [專科學校], specialized school/college for professional training/polytechnic
        dúduànzhuānxíng, [獨斷專行], to decide and act alone (idiom); to take arbitrary action/a law unto oneself
        zhuānlìjú, [專利局], patent office
        zhuānxiàng, [專項], special/dedicated
        zhuānyíng, [專營], to specialize in (a particular product or service)/monopoly
        zhuānàn, [專案], project
        zhuānduàn, [專斷], to act arbitrarily/to make decisions without consulting others
        zhuānqū, [專區], special district/prefecture
        zhuāndì, [專遞], special delivery/courier
        zhuānyèhuà, [專業化], specialization
        zhuānzhù, [專著], monograph/specialized text
        zhuānyíngdiàn, [專營店], exclusive agency/franchised shop/authorized store
        zhuānshì, [專事], specialized
        zhuānsī, [專司], specialist (responsible some task)
        zhuāntípiàn, [專題片], special report (shown on TV etc)
        zhōngzhuān, [中專], vocational secondary school/technical secondary school/trade school/abbr. for 中等...
        zhuānzé, [專責], specific responsibility

        kòngzhì, control/to exercise control over/to contain
        zhìzào, [製造], to manufacture/to make
        zhìzuò, [製作], to make/to manufacture
        zhìfú, to subdue/to check/to bring under control/(in former times) what one is allowed ...
        zhì, [製], system/to control/to regulate/variant of 製|制[zhì], to manufacture/to make
        xiànzhì, to restrict/to limit/to confine/restriction/limit/CL:個|个[gè]
        fùzhì, [複製], to duplicate/to make a copy of/to copy/to reproduce/to clone
        zhìdìng, to draw up/to formulate
        zhìdù, system (e.g. political, adminstrative etc)/institution/CL:個|个[gè]
        zhìzhǐ, to curb/to put a stop to/to stop/to check/to limit
        qiángzhì, [強制], to enforce/enforcement/forcibly/compulsory
        yìzhì, to inhibit/to keep down/to suppress
        kòngzhìshì, control room
        zìzhì, [自製], to maintain self-control/self-control, self-made/improvised/homemade/handmade
        guǎnzhì, to control/to restrict/(PRC law) non-custodial sentence with specified restricti...
        kèzhì, to restrain/to control/restraint/self-control
        tèzhì, special/unique
        lùzhì, [錄製], to record (video or audio)
        zhìzàoshāng, [製造商], manufacturing company
        dǐzhì, to resist/to boycott/to refuse (to cooperate)/to reject/resistance/refusal
        zhìcái, to punish/punishment/sanctions (incl. economic)
        kòngzhìquán, [控制權], control (as in "to win control")
        zhìchéng, [製成], to manufacture/to turn out (a product)
        jīzhì, [機制]/[機製], mechanism, machine processed/machine made/mechanism
        zhìpǐn, [製品], products/goods
        zhìyào, [制藥], to manufacture medicine
        tǐzhì, [體制], system/organization
        zhìzàozhě, [製造者], maker
        fùzhìpǐn, [複製品], replica/reproduction
        yánzhì, [研製], to manufacture/to develop
        dìngzhì, [定製], custom-made/made-to-order/to have something custom made
        kòngzhìtái, [控制臺], control desk/console
        huìzhì, [繪製], to draw/to draft
        jiézhì, [節制], to control/to restrict/to moderate/to temper/moderation/sobriety/to administer
        qiānzhì, [牽制], to control/to curb/to restrict/to impede/to pin down (enemy troops)
        jiānzhì, [監製], to supervise the manufacture of/to supervise the shooting of films/executive pro...
        mùzhì, [木製], wooden
        zhuānzhì, [專制], autocracy/dictatorship
        zhìjì, [製劑], (chemical or pharmaceutical) preparation
        féngzhì, [縫製], to sew/to make (clothes, bedding)
        núlìzhì, [奴隸制], slavery
        xiānfāzhìrén, [先發制人], to gain the initiative by striking first (idiom); to preempt/to anticipate/preem...
        zhìdìng, [制訂], to work out/to formulate
        fǎzhì/Fǎzhì, [法製], legal system and institutions, made in France
        biānzhì, [編制]/[編製], to establish (a unit or department)/staffing structure (excluding temporary and ...
仿         fǎngzhìpǐn, [仿製品], counterfeit object/fake
        zìzhìlì, self-control
        tiáozhì, [調制]/[調製], to modulate/modulation, to concoct by mixing ingredients/to prepare according to...
        èzhì, to check/to contain/to hold back/to keep within limits/to constrain/to restrain
        zhìyuē, [制約], to restrict/condition
仿         fǎngzhì, [仿製], to copy/to imitate/to make by imitating a model
        shèzhì, [攝製], to produce (a TV show etc)
        zhìdòng, [制動], to brake
        zhìdǎo, [制導], to control (the course of sth)/to guide (a missile)
        èrjìnzhì, [二進制], binary system (math.)
        nǎizhìpǐn, [奶製品], dairy product
        dìngzhì, [訂製], custom-made/made-to-order/to have something custom made/also written 定製|定制
        zhìlěng, refrigeration
        quánrìzhì, full-time (schooling, work etc)
        zhìfú, to overpower/to overwhelm/to subdue/to check/to control
        jūnzhǔzhì, monarchy
        zhìzàochǎng, [製造廠], manufacturing plant/factory
        zhìtú, [制圖]/[製圖], cartographic/graphics, to map/to chart/to draft/mapmaking/charting
        rǔzhìpǐn, [乳製品], dairy products
        zhìhéng, to check and balance (power)/checks and balances
        zhìzuòzhě, [製作者], producer/maker/creator
        chūqízhìshèng, [出奇制勝], to win by a surprise move
        páozhì, [炮製], to concoct/to invent/to fabricate/to produce/to process/processing and curing (C...
        yìnzhì, [印製], to print/to produce (a publication)
        pèizhì, [配製], to compound (medicines etc)/to prepare (by mixing ingredients)/to concoct
        cūzhìlànzào, [粗製濫造], to churn out large quantities without regard for quality (idiom); rough and slip...
        zhìzàoyè, [制造業], manufacturing industry
        tiáozhìjiětiáoqì, [調制解調器], modem
        gōngzhì, metric system
        tǒngzhì, [統制], to control
        xiàshízhì, [夏時制], daylight saving time
        núlìzhìdù, [奴隸制度], slavery
        rúfǎpáozhì, [如法炮製], lit. to follow the recipe (idiom)/fig. to follow a set pattern
        gǎizhì, to reorganize/to restructure
        yānzhì, [腌製], marinated/to make by pickling, salting or curing
        jīngzhì, [精製], refined
        shíjìnzhì, [十進制], decimal
        zhìfúní, tweed cloth (used for military uniforms etc)
        shòuzhì, controlled (by sb)/to suffer under a yoke
        xuézhì, [學制], educational system/length of schooling
        xiézhì, [挾製], forced submission/to exploit advantage to force sb to do one's bidding
        hōngzhì, [烘製], to bake
        zhìbiǎo, [製表], to tabulate/tabulation/scheduling/watchmaking
        qiánzhì, [鉗制], to suppress/to muzzle/to gag
        zhìdùhuà, systematization
        kòngzhìlùn, [控制論], control theory (math.)/cybernetics
        zhìshì, standardized/standard (service, method etc)/regulation (clothing etc)/formulaic/...
        zhìdòngqì, [制動器], brake
        yīndìzhìyí, (idiom) to use methods in line with local circumstances
        shāozhì, [燒製], to fire (in a kiln)
        zhúzhì, [竹製], made of bamboo
        zhìbèi, [製備], to prepare/preparation (chemistry)
        zhìbǎn, [製版], to make a plate (printing)
        yīguóliǎngzhì, [一國兩制], one country, two systems (PRC proposal regarding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan)
        jiùzhì, [舊制], old system/weights and measures of former times
        shìzhì, Chinese units of measurement
        shēngwùzhìpǐn, [生物製品], biological product
        jiāzhǎngzhì, [家長制], patriarchal system
        shíliùjìnzhì, [十六進制], hexadecimal
        kòngzhìbàng, control rods
        èzhì, to control/to restrain
        liànzhì, [煉製], (chemistry) to refine
        xiànzhì, [憲制], system of constitutional government/(used as an attributive) constitutional
        jiànzhì, organizational structure
        yùzhì, [預製], prefabricated/precut/to prefabricate
        sīyǒuzhì, private ownership of property
        zhìjiǎ, [製假], to counterfeit/to manufacture counterfeit goods

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