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Word: freq index 41965
[專營] zhuānyíng to specialize in (a particular product or service)

Character Composition

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Word Compounds

        zhuānjiā, [專家], expert/specialist/CL:個|个[gè]
        zhuānyè, [專業], specialty/specialized field/main field of study (at university)/major/CL:門|门[mén...
        zhuānmén, [專門], specialist/specialized/customized
        zhuānjí, [專輯], album/record (music)/special collection of printed or broadcast material
        zhuānxīn, [專心], to concentrate/absorption/concentration/engrossed
        zhuān, [專]/[耑], for a particular person, occasion, purpose/focused on one thing/special/expert/p...
        zhuānzhù, [專注], to focus/to concentrate/to give one's full attention
        zhuānyòng, [專用], special/dedicated
        zhuānlán, [專欄], special column
        zhuāncháng, [專長], specialty/special knowledge or ability
        zhuānlì, [專利], patent/sth uniquely enjoyed (or possessed etc) by a certain group of people/mono...
访         zhuānfǎng, [專訪], to interview (a particular person or on a particular topic)/special interview/sp...
        zhuānyuán, [專員], assistant director/commissioner
        zhuānchéng, [專程], specifically/specially (for that purpose)
        zhuānhèng, [專橫], imperious/peremptory
        zhuāntí, [專題], specific topic (addressed by a book, lecture, TV program etc)/article, report or...
        zhuānmàidiàn, [專賣店], specialty store
        zhuānzhí, [專職], special duty/assigned full time to a task
        zhuānshǔ, [專屬], to belong or be dedicated exclusively to/proprietary/private/personal
线         zhuānxiàn, [專線], special-purpose phone line or communications link/hotline/special rail line (e.g...
        zhuānyī, [專一], single-minded/concentrated
        zhuānzhì, [專制], autocracy/dictatorship
        zhuānkē, [專科], specialized subject/branch (of medicine)/specialized training school
        zhuāngōng, [專攻], to specialize in/to major in
        zhuānmài, [專賣], monopoly/exclusive right to trade
        zhuānrén, [專人], specialist/person appointed for specific task
        zhuānchē, [專車], special (or reserved) train (or bus etc)/limousine/private car used as a taxi an...
        zhuānànzǔ, [專案組], special investigation team (legal or judicial)
        zhuānliè, [專列], special train/abbr. for 專門列車|专门列车[zhuān mén liè chē]
        zhuānchǎng, [專場], special performance
        zhuānxīnzhìzhì, [專心致志], with single-hearted devotion (idiom)
        zhuānlìquán, [專利權], patent right
        zhuānyǒu, [專有], exclusive/proprietary
        zhuānzhèng, [專政], dictatorship
        zhuānyèxìng, [專業性], professionalism/expertise
        zhuānguì, [專櫃], sales counter dedicated to a certain kind of product (e.g. alcohol)
        zhuānyèhù, [專業戶], family firm producing a special product/cottage industry
        dàzhuān, [大專], three-year college/junior college/professional training college
        tèkuàizhuāndì, [特快專遞], express mail
        zhuānkēxuéxiào, [專科學校], specialized school/college for professional training/polytechnic
        dúduànzhuānxíng, [獨斷專行], to decide and act alone (idiom); to take arbitrary action/a law unto oneself
        zhuānlìjú, [專利局], patent office
        zhuānxiàng, [專項], special/dedicated
        zhuānyíng, [專營], to specialize in (a particular product or service)/monopoly
        zhuānàn, [專案], project
        zhuānduàn, [專斷], to act arbitrarily/to make decisions without consulting others
        zhuānqū, [專區], special district/prefecture
        zhuāndì, [專遞], special delivery/courier
        zhuānyèhuà, [專業化], specialization
        zhuānzhù, [專著], monograph/specialized text
        zhuānyíngdiàn, [專營店], exclusive agency/franchised shop/authorized store
        zhuānshì, [專事], specialized
        zhuānsī, [專司], specialist (responsible some task)
        zhuāntípiàn, [專題片], special report (shown on TV etc)
        zhōngzhuān, [中專], vocational secondary school/technical secondary school/trade school/abbr. for 中等...
        zhuānzé, [專責], specific responsibility

        yíngdì, [營地], camp
        jīngyíng, [經營], to engage in (business etc)/to run/to operate
        yíng, [營], camp/barracks/battalion/to build/to operate/to manage/to strive for
        lùyíng, [露營], to camp out/camping
        yíngjiù, [營救], to rescue
        yíngyǎng, [營養], nutrition/nourishment/CL:種|种[zhǒng]
        yěyíng, [野營], to camp/field lodgings
        yíngyè, [營業], to do business/to trade
        xiàlìngyíng, [夏令營], summer camp
        jízhōngyíng, [集中營], concentration camp
        yíngxiāo, [營銷], marketing
        zhènyíng, [陣營], group of people/camp/faction/sides in a dispute
        yùnyíng, [運營], to be in operation/to do business/(of train, bus etc) to be in service/operation...
        yíngzào, [營造], to build (housing)/to construct/to make
        jūnyíng, [軍營], barracks/army camp
        dàběnyíng, [大本營], headquarters/base camp
        bīngyíng, [兵營], military camp/barracks
        nànmínyíng, [難民營], refugee camp
        zhāyíng, [紮營], to camp/to pitch camp/stationed/quartered/Taiwan pr. [zhá yíng]
        yíngfáng, [營房], barracks/living quarters
        sīyíng, [私營], privately-owned/private
        yíngyèé, [營業額], sum or volume of business/turnover
宿         sùyíngdì, [宿營地], camp/campsite
        yínglì, [營利], for profit/to seek profit
        jīngyíngzhě, [經營者], executive/manager/transactor
宿         sùyíng, [宿營], to camp/to lodge
        yíngshēng/yíngsheng, [營生], to earn a living, (coll.) job/work
        kǔxīnjīngyíng, [苦心經營], to build up an enterprise through painstaking efforts
        yíngyǎngyè, [營養液], nutrient fluid
        yíngyùn, [營運], running/operation (of airport, bus service, business etc)
        yíngzhàng, [營帳], tent/camp
        yíngyǎngshī, [營養師], nutritionist/dietitian
        yíngyǎngxué, [營養學], nutriology
        ānyíngzhāzhài, [安營紮寨], to set up camp/Taiwan pr. [ān yíng zhá zhài]
        yíngyèyuán, [營業員], clerk/shop assistant/CL:個|个[gè]
        zhuānyíng, [專營], to specialize in (a particular product or service)/monopoly
        báyíng, [拔營], to strike camp
        yíngyǎngsù, [營養素], nutrient
        yíngzhǎng, [營長], battalion commander
        liányíng, [聯營], joint venture/under joint management
        díyíng, [敵營], enemy camp
        zhuānyíngdiàn, [專營店], exclusive agency/franchised shop/authorized store
        yíngyǎngpǐn, [營養品], nourishment/nutrient
        Dōngyíng, [東營], Dongying prefecture-level city in Shandong
        ānyíng, [安營], to pitch camp/to camp
        guóyíng, [國營], state-run (company etc)/nationalized
        jiānyíng, [兼營], a second job/supplementary way of making a living
        cǎndànjīngyíng, [慘淡經營], to manage by painstaking effort (idiom)
        bùbùwéiyíng, [步步為營], to advance gradually and entrench oneself at every step/to consolidate at every ...
        mínyíng, [民營], privately run (i.e. by a company, not the state)
        jiédǎngyíngsī, [結黨營私], to gang up for personal interest (idiom)/to form a clique
        mínyínghuà, [民營化], privatization
        zìyíng, [自營], self-operated/to operate one's own business
        yíngjiàn, [營建], to build/to construct
        yínglěi, [營壘], army camp
        gōngyíng, [公營], public/publicly (owned, financed, operated etc)/run by the state
        yíngzhài, [營寨], barracks

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