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姿 Word: freq index 58145
fēngzī charm
good looks

Character Composition


Character Compounds


Word Compounds

        fēngfù, [豐富], to enrich/rich/plentiful/abundant
        Fēngmǎn/fēngmǎn, [豐滿], Fengman district of Jilin city 吉林市, Jilin province, ample/well developed/fully r...
        fēnghòu, [豐厚], generous/ample
        fēngshèng, [豐盛], rich/sumptuous
        fēng/Fēng, [豐], luxuriant/buxom/variant of 豐|丰[fēng]/variant of 風|风[fēng]/appearance/charm, surn...
        Fēngtián, [豐田], Toyota or Toyoda (name)/Toyota, Japanese car make
        fēngshōu, [豐收], bumper harvest
        fēngfùduōcǎi, [豐富多彩], richly colorful
        fēnggōngwěijì, [豐功偉績], glorious achievement (idiom)
        fēngyīzúshí, [豐衣足食], having ample food and clothing (idiom); well fed and clothed
        fēngyú, [豐腴], full-bodied/well-rounded/fig. fertile land
        fēngráo, [豐饒], rich and fertile
姿         fēngzī, charm/good looks
        wǔgǔfēngdēng, [五穀豐登], abundant harvest of all food crops/bumper grain harvest
        fēngměi, [豐美], abundant and prosperous
        fēngshuò, [豐碩], plentiful/substantial/rich (in resources etc)
        fēnggōng, [豐功], brilliant (exploit)/meritorious (achievement)
        Xiánfēng, [咸豐], reign name of Qing emperor (1850-1861)/Xianfeng county in Enshi Tujia and Miao a...
        fēngyù, [豐裕], abundance/plenty
        fēngbēi, [豐碑], large inscribed stele/fig. great achievement/imperishable masterpiece
        fēngyíng, [豐盈], well-rounded/plump
        Fēngrùn, [豐潤], Fengrun district of Tangshan city 唐山市[Táng shān shì], Hebei
        fēngnián, [豐年], prosperous year/year with bumper harvest
        fēngchǎn, [豐產], high yield/bumper crop
姿         zīshì, [姿勢], posture/position
姿         zītài, [姿態], attitude/posture/stance
姿         zī, beauty/disposition/looks/appearance
姿         wǔzī, dancer's posture and movement
姿         duōzīduōcǎi, diversity (of forms and colors)
姿         zīsè, good looks (of a woman)
姿         sāoshǒunòngzī, to stroke one's hair coquettishly (idiom)
姿         fēngzī, [風姿], good looks/good figure/graceful bearing/charm
姿         duōzī, many postures
姿         fēngzī, charm/good looks
姿         duōcǎiduōzī, elegant and graceful posture/splendid, full of content
姿         yīngzīsàshuǎng, [英姿颯爽], (of a person) valiant and formidable-looking/to carry oneself tall
姿         qiānzībǎitài, [千姿百態], in different poses and with different expressions/in thousands of postures (idio...

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