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HSK 6 word: freq index 9773
qǐgài beggar

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        qǐqiú, to beg
        qǐgài, beggar
        qǐtǎo, [乞討], to beg/to go begging
        qǐ, to beg
        qǐlián, [乞憐], to beg for pity
        Qǐlìmǎzhāluóshān, [乞力馬扎羅山], Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania
        xíngqǐ, to beg/to ask for alms
        qǐshí, to beg for food

        qǐgài, beggar
        gàibāng, [丐幫], beggars' union/a group of beggars

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