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        wǔ, five/5
五十         wǔshí, fifty
        shí, ten/10
十六         shíliù, sixteen/16
        liù, six/6
        yòu, (once) again/also/both... and.../and yet/(used for emphasis) anyway
        Sān/sān, surname San, three/3
三分         sānfēn, somewhat/to some degree
三分之一         sānfēnzhīyī, one third
        fēn/fèn, to divide/to separate/to distribute/to allocate/to distinguish (good and bad)/pa...
分之         fēnzhī, (indicating a fraction)
        zhī, (possessive particle, literary equivalent of 的[de])/him/her/it
之一         zhīyī, one of (sth)/one out of a multitude/one (third, quarter, percent etc)
        yī, one/1/single/a (article)/as soon as/entire/whole/all/throughout/"one" radical in...

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