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Word: freq index 37301
jíxū to urgently need
urgent need

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        jíxū, to urgently need/urgent need
        jídài, see 急待[jí dài]
        jí/qì, urgent, repeatedly/frequently

        xūyào, to need/to want/to demand/to require/requirement/need
        xū, to require/to need/to want/necessity/need
        bìxū, to need/to require/essential/indispensable
        xūqiú, requirement/to require/(economics) demand
        jíxū, to urgently need/urgent need
        wúxū, [無需], needless
        bìxūpǐn, necessity/essential (thing)
        jūnxū, [軍需], military supplies
        jíxū, to urgently need/urgent need
        gèqǔsuǒxū, each takes what he needs (idiom)
        gōngxū, supply and demand
        nèixū, [內需], domestic demand
        tèxū, special need/particular requirement

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