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        jiāo, to hand over/to deliver/to pay (money)/to turn over/to make friends/to intersect...
交通         jiāotōng, to be connected/traffic/transportation/communications/liaison
        tōng/tòng, to go through/to know well/(suffix) expert/to connect/to communicate/open/to cle...
        yùn, [運], to move/to transport/to use/to apply/fortune/luck/fate
运输         yùnshū, [運輸], to transport/to carry/transportation
运输业         yùnshūyè, [運輸業], transportation industry
        shū, [輸], to lose/to transport/to donate/to enter (a password)
        Yè/yè, [業], surname Ye, line of business/industry/occupation/job/employment/school studies/e...

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