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Word: freq index 10618
HSK 5 character: radical , 8 strokes, freq index 939
xiǎng to enjoy
to benefit
to have the use of
[亯] xiǎng old variant of 享[xiǎng]

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        xiǎngshòu, to enjoy/to live it up/pleasure/CL:種|种[zhǒng]
        fēnxiǎng, to share (let others have some of sth good)
        xiǎngyòng, to enjoy (i.e. have the use or benefit of)
        gòngxiǎng, to share/to enjoy together
        xiǎngyǒu, to enjoy (rights, privileges etc)
        xiǎng, [亯], to enjoy/to benefit/to have the use of, old variant of 享[xiǎng]
        xiǎnglè, [享樂], to enjoy life/pleasures of life
        xiǎngfú, to live comfortably/happy and prosperous life
        xiǎngnián, to live to the (ripe) age of
        zuòxiǎngqíchéng, to reap where one has not sown (idiom)
        xiǎngyù, [享譽], to be renowned
        xiǎngqīngfú, living in ease and comfort
        xiǎnglèzhǔyì, [享樂主義], hedonism

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