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Word: freq index 16669
[付錢] fùqián to pay money

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        Fù/fù, surname Fu, to pay/to hand over to/classifier for pairs or sets of things
        duìfu, [對付], to handle/to deal with/to cope/to get by with
        fùchū, to pay/to invest (energy or time in a friendship etc)
        yìngfu, [應付], to deal with/to cope
        zhīfù, to pay (money)
        fùgěi, [付給], to deliver/to pay
        fùfèi, [付費], to pay/to cover the costs
        fùqīng, to pay in full/to pay all of a bill/to pay off
        fùkuǎn, to pay a sum of money/payment
        fùzhàng, [付賬], to settle an account
        tuōfù, to entrust
        fùzhū, [付諸], to apply to/to put into (practice etc)/to put to (a test, a vote etc)
        yùfù, [預付], to pay in advance/prepaid
        jiāofù, to hand over/to deliver
        fùqián, [付錢], to pay money
        fēnqīfùkuǎn, to pay in installments/payment in installments
        fùxiàn, [付現], to pay in cash
        péifù, [賠付], to pay out/to compensate/(insurance) payment
        fùzhūdōngliú, [付諸東流], wasted effort
        fùzhīyījù, to put to the torch (idiom)/to commit to the flames/to burn sth down deliberatel...
        fùzhīdōngliú, [付之東流], to commit to the waters (idiom); to lose sth irrevocably
        fùzhūshíshī, [付諸實施], to put into practice/to carry out (idiom)
        jùfù, to refuse to accept a payment/to refuse to pay/to stop (a check or payment)
        chángfù, [償付], to pay back
        duìfù, [兌付], to cash (a check)
        jiǎofù, [繳付], to pay/to hand over (tax payment etc)
        fēnfù, variant of 吩咐[fēn fù]
        fùyìn, to go to press/to submit for printing
        fùqì, [付訖], paid
        fùtuō, to entrust to
        diànfù, [墊付], to pay sb else's expense with the expectation of being reimbursed by that person...

        Qián/qián, [錢], surname Qian, coin/money/CL:筆|笔[bǐ]/unit of weight, one tenth of a tael 兩|两[liǎn...
        qiánbāo, [錢包], purse/wallet
        zhuànqián, [賺錢], to earn money/moneymaking
        jīnqián, [金錢], money/currency
        jiàqian, [價錢], price
        huāqián, [花錢], to spend money
        zhíqián, [值錢], valuable/costly/expensive
        zhèngqián, [掙錢], to make money
        língqián, [零錢], change (of money)/small change/pocket money
        dàqián, [大錢], high denomination of banknotes or coins/lots of money/a big sum (e.g. a bribe)
        xǐqián, [洗錢], money laundering
        qiáncái, [錢財], wealth/money
        yǒuqián, [有錢], well-off/wealthy
        gōngqián, [工錢], salary/wages
        línghuāqián, [零花錢], pocket money/allowance
        hēiqián, [黑錢], dirty money
        dǔqián, [賭錢], to gamble
        fùqián, [付錢], to pay money
        língyòngqián, [零用錢], pocket money/allowance/spending money
        shěngqián, [省錢], to save money
        běnqián, [本錢], capital/(fig.) asset/advantage/the means (to do sth)
        péiqián, [賠錢], to lose money/to pay for damages
        yáoqiánshù, [搖錢樹], a legendary tree that sheds coins when shaken/a source of easy money (idiom)
        qiánbì, [錢幣], money
        zhǎoqián, [找錢], to give change
        huànqián, [換錢], to change money/to sell
        xiànqián, [現錢], cash
        jiǔqián, [酒錢], tip
        yīqiánbùzhí, [一錢不值], not worth a penny/utterly worthless
        xuèhànqián, [血汗錢], hard-earned money
        qiánjiā, [錢夾], wallet/Taiwan pr. [qián jiá]
        qiándài, [錢袋], purse/wallet
        chēqián, [車錢], fare/transport costs
        lāoqián, [撈錢], lit. to dredge for money/to make money by reprehensible means/to fish for a quic...
        fángqián, [房錢], charges for a room/house rental
        sīfángqián, [私房錢], secret purse/secret stash of money
        shǎngqian, [賞錢], tip/gratuity/monetary reward/bonus
        qiánzhuāng, [錢莊], money farm (dealing in illegal foreign currency of money laundering)
        yāsuìqián, [壓歲錢], money given to children as new year present
        qiánwù, [錢物], money and things of value
        dìngqian, [定錢], security deposit/earnest money (real estate)/good-faith deposit
        yínqián, [銀錢], silver money (in former times)
        jīnqiánbào, [金錢豹], leopard
        yúqián, [餘錢], surplus money
        qiánliáng, [錢糧], land tax/money and grain (given as tax or tribute)
        cháqián, [茶錢], tip/gratuity/money for tea

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