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        Yī/yī, surname Yi/abbr. for 伊拉克[Yī lā kè], Iraq/abbr. for 伊朗[Yī lǎng], Iran, (old) thir...
伊曼         yīmàn, see 伊瑪目|伊玛目[yī mǎ mù]
        màn, handsome/large/long
        nǔ, to exert/to strive
        ěr, [尒]/[爾], variant of 爾|尔[ěr], thus/so/like that/you/thou
        Kāng/kāng, surname Kang, healthy/peaceful/abundant
康德         Kāngdé, Immanuel Kant (1724-1804), German philosopher
        Dé/dé, [悳]/[惪], Germany/German/abbr. for 德國|德国[Dé guó], virtue/goodness/morality/ethics/kindness...

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