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        Zhòng/zhòng, [眾]/[衆], abbr. for 眾議院|众议院[Zhòng yì yuàn], House of Representatives, many/numerous/crowd/...
众人         zhòngrén, [眾人], everyone
        rén, man/person/people/CL:個|个[gè],位[wèi]
        shè/shí, to ascend in light steps, to pick up/to collate or arrange/ten (banker's anti-fr...
        Chái/chái, surname Chai, firewood/lean (of meat)/thin (of a person)
柴火         cháihuo, firewood
        Huǒ/huǒ, surname Huo, fire/urgent/ammunition/fiery or flaming/internal heat (Chinese medi...
火焰         huǒyàn, blaze/flame
        yàn, [燄], flame, variant of 焰[yàn]
        Gāo/gāo, surname Gao, high/tall/above average/loud/your (honorific)

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