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hóujué marquis

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        Hóu/hóu, surname Hou, marquis, second of the five orders of ancient Chinese nobility 五等爵位...
        hóujué, marquis
·         Sàdámǔ·Hóusàiyīn, [薩達姆·侯賽因], Saddam Hussein
        Hóusàiyīn, [侯賽因], Husain or Hussein (name)/Hussein (c. 626-680), Muslim leader whose martyrdom is ...
        zhūhóu, [諸侯], feudal vassal/feudal princes, esp. the monarchs (dukes or princes) of the severa...
        wánghóu, aristocracy
        hóumén, [侯門], noble house

        juéshì, knight/Sir/(loanword) jazz
        gōngjué, duke/dukedom
        bójué, earl/count/earldom or countship (old)
        juéshìwǔ, jazz (loanword)
        xūnjué, [勳爵], Lord (UK hereditary nobility)/UK life peer
        juéshìyuè, [爵士樂], jazz (loanword)
        nánjué, baron
        jué, ancient bronze wine holder with 3 legs and loop handle/nobility
        hóujué, marquis
        juéwèi, order of feudal nobility, namely: Duke 公[gōng], Marquis 侯[hóu], Count 伯[bó], Vis...
        zǐjué, viscount
        fēngjué, to confer a title/to ennoble/to knight/title of nobility

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