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Word: freq index 12690
[侵蝕] qīnshí to erode
to corrode

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        rùqīn, to invade
        qīnfàn, to infringe on/to encroach on/to violate/to assault
        qīnrù, to make (military) incursions/to invade/to intrude into/to trespass/to gain unau...
        qīnlüè, invasion/encroachment
        qīnshí, [侵蝕], to erode/to corrode
        qīnhài, to encroach on/to infringe on
        qīnxí, [侵襲], to invade/to assail/onslaught
        qīnzhàn, [侵佔], to invade and occupy (territory)
        qīn, to invade/to encroach/to infringe/to approach
        qīnlüèzhě, aggressors/invaders
        qīnquán, [侵權], to infringe the rights of/to violate/infringement
        qīnrǎo, [侵擾], to invade and harass
        qīntūn, to annex/to swallow (up)/to embezzle
        qīnlüèjūn, [侵略軍], invading army
        qīnHuá, [侵華], to invade China (referring to 19th century imperialist powers and Japan)

        fǔshí, [腐蝕], corrosion/to corrode (degrade chemically)/to rot/corruption
        qīnshí, [侵蝕], to erode/to corrode
        shí, [蝕], to nibble away at sth/to eat into/to erode
        fǔshíxìng, [腐蝕性], (lit. and fig.) corrosive/corrosiveness
        shíkè, [蝕刻], to etch/engraving
        xiùshí, [銹蝕], corrosion/rust
        hǎishí, [海蝕], coastal erosion/marine abrasion
        fǔshíjì, [腐蝕劑], a corrosive (chemical)

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