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jùnxiù well-favored

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        yīngjùn, handsome
        jùn/zùn, [㑺]/[儁], old variant of 俊[jùn], smart/eminent/handsome/talented, (dialectal pronunciation...
        jùnqiào, attractive and intelligent/charming/elegant
        jùnměi, pretty/handsome
        jùnxiù, well-favored/elegant/pretty
        rěnjùnbùjīn, cannot help laughing/unable to restrain a smile
        jùnjié, [俊傑], elite/outstanding talent/genius
        LǐJùn, Li Jun, fictional character from 水滸傳|水浒传[Shuǐ hǔ Zhuàn]

        xiù, handsome/refined/elegant/graceful/superior/show (loanword)/CL:場|场[cháng]/(litera...
        yōuxiù, [優秀], outstanding/excellent
        xiùfà, [秀髮], beautiful hair
        xiùyǎ, exquisite/in good taste
        hòuqǐzhīxiù, [後起之秀], an up-and-coming youngster/new talent/a brilliant younger generation
        xuǎnxiù, [選秀], to select talented individuals/(sports) draft
        zuòxiù, to show off (loanword, from English "show")/to grandstand/to perform in a stage ...
        xiùlì, [秀麗], pretty/beautiful
        xiùměi, elegant/graceful
        jùnxiù, well-favored/elegant/pretty
        Xiùyīng, Xiuying district of Haikou city 海口市[Hǎi kǒu shì], Hainan
        cáiyìxiù, [才藝秀], talent show
        guīxiù, [閨秀], well-bred young lady
        méiqīngmùxiù, pretty/with delicate features
        Yuèxiù, Yuexiu district of Guangzhou city 廣州市|广州市[Guǎng zhōu shì], Guangdong
        xiùcai, a person who has passed the county level imperial exam (historical)/scholar/skil...
        qīngxiù, delicate and pretty
        xiùqi, [秀氣], delicate/graceful
        juānxiù, beautiful/graceful
        yīzhīdúxiù, [一枝獨秀], lit. only one branch of the tree is thriving (idiom)/fig. to be in a league of o...

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