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[健碩] jiànshuò well-built (physique)
strong and muscular

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        jiànkāng, health/healthy
        jiànshēn, to exercise/to keep fit/to work out/physical exercise
        jiàn, healthy/to invigorate/to strengthen/to be good at/to be strong in
        jiànshēnfáng, gym/gymnasium
        jiànwàng, forgetful
        jiànquán, robust/sound
        jiànzhuàng, [健壯], robust/healthy/sturdy
        bǎojiàn, health protection/health care/to maintain in good health
        jiàntán, [健談], entertaining in conversation
        qiángjiàn, [強健], sturdy
        jiànměi, healthy and beautiful/to do fitness exercises/abbr. for 健美運動|健美运动[jiàn měi yùn d...
        fùjiàn, [復健], rehabilitation/recuperate
        wěnjiàn, [穩健], firm/stable and steady
        jiǎojiàn, [矯健], strong and healthy/vigorous
        jiànměicāo, aerobics/aerobic dance (school P.E. activity)
        jiànshuò, [健碩], well-built (physique)/strong and muscular
        xióngjiàn, vigorous/robust/powerful
        jiànér, [健兒], top athlete/heroic warrior
        bǎojiàncāo, health exercises
        kāngjiàn, healthy/fit
        DàjiāngJiànsānláng, Oe Kenzaburo (1935-) Japanese novelist and 1994 Nobel laureate

        shuòshì, [碩士], master's degree/person who has a master's degree/learned person
        shuòdà, [碩大], big/huge/massive
        shuò, [碩], large/big
        shuòguǒ, [碩果], major achievement/great work/triumphant success
        jiànshuò, [健碩], well-built (physique)/strong and muscular
        féishuò, [肥碩], fleshy (fruit)/plump/large and firm-fleshed (limbs, body)/stout
        fēngshuò, [豐碩], plentiful/substantial/rich (in resources etc)
        shuòshìshēng, [碩士生], Master's degree student
        shuòguǒlěilěi, [碩果累累], heavily laden with fruit/fertile (of trees)/many noteworthy achievements

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