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        kè/Kè/kēi, [剋]/[尅], to be able to/to subdue/to restrain/to overcome/gram/Tibetan unit of land area, ...
克里斯托弗         Kèlǐsītuōfú, (Warren) Christopher
        lǐ/Lǐ, [裏]/[裡], variant of 裡|里[lǐ], lining/interior/inside/internal/also written 裏|里[lǐ], Li (su...
        Sī/sī, Slovakia/Slovak/abbr. for 斯洛伐克[Sī luò fá kè], (phonetic)/this
        tuō, [託], prop/support (for weight)/rest (e.g. arm rest)/thanks to/to hold in one's hand/t...
        fú, not
        gē, elder brother
哥伦布         Gēlúnbù, [哥倫布], Cristóbal Colón or Christopher Columbus (1451-1506)/Columbus, capital of Ohio
        lún, [倫], human relationship/order/coherence
        bù, [佈], variant of 布[bù]/to announce/to spread, cloth/to declare/to announce/to spread/t...

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