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Word: freq index 4944
HSK 6 character: radical , 11 strokes, freq index 1462
[獸] shòu beast

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        guàishòu, [怪獸], rare animal/mythical animal/monster
        yěshòu, [野獸], beast/wild animal
        shòu, [獸], beast/animal/beastly/bestial
        qínshòu, [禽獸], birds and animals/creature/beast (brutal person)
        shòuyī, [獸醫], veterinarian/veterinary surgeon/vet
        dújiǎoshòu, [獨角獸], unicorn
        měngshòu, [猛獸], ferocious beast/fierce animal
        shòuxìng, [獸性], brutal
        yāzuǐshòu, [鴨嘴獸], platypus
        bǎishòu, [百獸], all creatures/every kind of animal
        shíyǐshòu, [食蟻獸], ant-eater (several different species)
        shòupí, [獸皮], animal skin/hide
        hóngshuǐměngshòu, [洪水猛獸], lit. severe floods and fierce beasts (idiom)/fig. great scourges/extremely dange...
        zuòniǎoshòusàn, [作鳥獸散], lit. scatter like birds and beasts (idiom)/fig. to head off in various direction...
        zǒushòu, [走獸], (four-footed) animal/beast
        shòuxíng, [獸行], brutal act/bestiality
        shòuyù, [獸慾], beastly desire
        shòulèi, [獸類], animals
        shòuyīxué, [獸醫學], veterinary medicine/veterinary science
        fēiqínzǒushòu, [飛禽走獸], birds and animals/the beasts of the field and the birds of the air
        niǎoshòu, [鳥獸], birds and beasts/fauna

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