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        Féng/píng, [馮], surname Feng, to gallop/to assist/to attack/to wade/great/old variant of 憑|凭[pín...
        lǐ/Lǐ, [裏]/[裡], variant of 裡|里[lǐ], lining/interior/inside/internal/also written 裏|里[lǐ], Li (su...
里希特霍芬         Lǐxītèhuòfēn, Ferdinand von Richthofen (1833-1905), German geologist and explorer who publishe...
        xī, to hope/to admire/variant of 稀[xī]
        tè, special/unique/distinguished/especially/unusual/very
        Huò/huò, surname Huo, suddenly
        fēn, perfume/fragrance

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