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Word: freq index 13099
HSK 5 character: radical , 10 strokes, freq index 1788
Líng surname Ling
líng to approach
to rise high
thick ice
to insult or maltreat

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        língchén, very early in the morning/in the wee hours
        bīngjīlíng, ice cream
        Líng/líng, surname Ling, to approach/to rise high/thick ice/to insult or maltreat
        língjià, [凌駕], to be above/to place above
        qīlíng, to bully and humiliate
        língluàn, [凌亂], messy/disarrayed/disheveled/chaos
        língrǔ, to insult/to humiliate/to bully
        shìqiánglíngruò, [恃強凌弱], see 恃強欺弱|恃强欺弱[shì qiáng qī ruò]
        Língyún/língyún, [凌雲], Lingyun county in Baise 百色[Bǎi sè], Guangxi, (lit. and fig.) towering/lofty/high
        shèngqìlíngrén, [盛氣凌人], overbearing/arrogant bully
        língkōng, be high up in the sky
        língchí, [凌遲], the lingering death/the death of a thousand cuts (old form of capital punishment...
        Língzhì, Lexus/see also 雷克薩斯|雷克萨斯[Léi kè sà sī]

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