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āocáo recess

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        āo/wā, depressed/sunken/indented/concave/female (connector etc), variant of 窪|洼[wā]/(us...
        āoxiàn, to cave in/hollow/sunken/depressed
        āocáo, recess/notch/groove/fillister
        āotū, concave or convex/bumps and holes/uneven (surface)/rugged
        āokēng, concave depression/crater
        āotūbùpíng, uneven (surface)/bumpy (road)

        cáo, trough/manger/groove/channel/(Tw) (computing) hard drive
        shuǐcáo, sink
        tiàocáo, to change jobs/job-hopping
        āocáo, recess/notch/groove/fillister
        gōucáo, [溝槽], groove/furrow/trench
        shícáo, manger
        cáoyá, molar tooth

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