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Word: freq index 19876
Character: radical , 8 strokes, freq index 2966
[䘚] variant of 卒[zú]
variant of 猝[cù]
to finish
to die
at last
pawn in Chinese chess

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        wúmíngxiǎozú, [無名小卒], insignificant soldier (idiom)/a nobody/nonentity
        zú/cù, [䘚], variant of 卒[zú], variant of 猝[cù], soldier/servant/to finish/to die/finally/at ...
        yùzú, [獄卒], jailer (old)
        xiǎozú, foot soldier/minor figure/a nobody/(chess) pawn
        zǒuzú, pawn (i.e. foot soldier)/servant/lackey (of malefactor)
        shēnxiānshìzú, to fight at the head of one's troops/(fig.) to take the lead
        bīngzú, soldiers/troops
        mǎqiánzú, [馬前卒], lackey/errand boy/lit. runner before a carriage
        shìzú, soldier/private (army)

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