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zhānbǔ to divine

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        zhàn/zhān, [佔], variant of 占[zhàn], to observe/to divine, to take possession of/to occupy/to tak...
        zhànlǐng, [佔領], to occupy (a territory)/to hold
        zhànjù, [佔據], to occupy/to hold
        zhànyǒu, [佔有], to have/to own/to hold/to possess
        zhànyòng, [佔用], to occupy
        zhānbǔ, to divine
        bàzhàn, [霸佔], to occupy by force/to seize/to dominate
        dúzhàn, [獨佔], to monopolize/to control/to dominate
        qīnzhàn, [侵佔], to invade and occupy (territory)
便         zhànpiányi, [佔便宜], advantageous/favorable/to benefit at others' expense/to take unfair advantage
        gōngzhàn, [攻佔], attack and occupy
        zhànshàngfēng, [佔上風], to take the lead/to gain the upper hand
线         zhànxiàn, [佔線], busy (telephone line)
        qiǎngzhàn, [搶佔], to seize (the strategic high ground)
        zhàndì, to take up space/to occupy (space)
        Bàizhàntíng, Byzantium/Byzantine or Eastern Roman empire (395-1453)
        zhānxīngshù, [占星術], astrology
        qiángzhàn, [強佔], to occupy by force
        shìchǎngzhànyǒulǜ, [市場佔有率], market share
        dízhànqū, [敵佔區], enemy occupied territory
        dúzhànáotóu, [獨佔鰲頭], to monopolize the turtle head (idiom, refers to carved marble steps of the palac...
        zhànxiān, [佔先], to take precedence
        zhànyǒulǜ, market share
        zhānxīng, to divine by astrology/horoscope
        jǐzhàn, [擠占], to seize/to push aside and occupy
        zhànyōushì, [佔優勢], to predominate/to occupy a dominant position

        húluóbo, [胡蘿蔔], carrot
        Bǔ/bǔ/bo, [蔔], surname Bu, to divine/to forecast or estimate/(of a place to live etc) to choose
        luóbo, [蘿蔔], radish (Raphanus sativus), esp. white radish 白蘿蔔|白萝卜[bái luó bo]/CL:條|条[tiáo]
        zhānbǔ, to divine
        hóngluóbo, [紅蘿蔔], carrot/radish
        húluóbosù, [胡蘿蔔素], carotene
        Yìbǔshēng, Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906), Norwegian dramatist, author of Doll's House 玩偶之家
        Ābǔdùlā, Abdullah (name)
        jíbǔsài, [吉卜賽], gypsy (may refer to Roma people, or to Bohemian lifestyle)
        báiluóbo, [白蘿蔔], white radish/daikon/Raphanus sativus longipinnatus

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