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        lì, [厤]/[曆]/[歴]/[歷], old variant of 曆|历[lì]/old variant of 歷|历[lì], calendar, old variant of 歷|历[lì],...
历经         lìjīng, [歷經], to experience/to go through
        Jīng/jīng, [經], surname Jing, classics/sacred book/scripture/to pass through/to undergo/to bear/...
        cāng, [滄], blue-green or azure (of water)/vast (of water)/cold
沧桑         cāngsāng, [滄桑], great changes/ups and downs/vicissitudes/abbr. of 滄海桑田|沧海桑田[cāng hǎi sāng tián]
        Sāng/sāng, [桒], surname Sang, mulberry tree, old variant of 桑[sāng]

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