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Word: freq index 7266
HSK 5 character: radical , 3 strokes, freq index 1998
chā fork
chá to cross
be stuck
chǎ to diverge
to open (as legs)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        jiāochā, to cross/to intersect/to overlap
        chā/chá/chǎ, fork/pitchfork/prong/pick/cross/intersect/"X", to cross/be stuck, to diverge/to ...
        chāzi, fork/CL:把[bǎ]
        jiāochākǒu, (road) intersection
        yúchā, [魚叉], harpoon
        pǐchà, the splits (move in dancing)/to do the splits/Taiwan pr. [pǐ chā]
        dāochā, knife and fork/CL:副[fù]
        jiāochādiǎn, [交叉點], junction/crossroads/intersection point
        fēnchà, fork/bifurcation/to divide
        chāchē, [叉車], forklift truck/CL:臺|台[tái]
        mǔyèchā, witch/shrew/vixen
        yèchā, yaksha (malevolent spirit) (loanword)/(fig.) ferocious-looking person
        chāyāo, to put one's hands on one's hips/also written 插腰[chā yāo]
        yīnchā, tuning fork

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