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        fā/fà, [發]/[髮], to send out/to show (one's feeling)/to issue/to develop/to make a bundle of mone...
发电         fādiàn, [發電], to generate electricity/to send a telegram
发电机         fādiànjī, [發電機], electricity generator/dynamo
        diàn, [電], electric/electricity/electrical
电机         diànjī, [電機], electrical machinery
        Jī/jī, [機], surname Ji, machine/engine/opportunity/intention/aircraft/pivot/crucial point/fl...
机组         jīzǔ, [機組], flight crew (on a plane)/unit (apparatus)
        Zǔ/zǔ, [組], surname Zu, to form/to organize/group/team/classifier for sets, series, groups o...

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