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Word: freq index 8301
HSK 6 character: radical , 13 strokes, freq index 2563
[曡] dié variant of 疊
[疉] dié variant of 疊
[疊] dié to fold
to fold over in layers
to furl
to layer
to pile up
to repeat
to duplicate

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        dié, [曡]/[疉]/[疊], variant of 疊|叠[dié], variant of 疊|叠[dié], to fold/to fold over in layers/to furl...
        zhédié, [折疊], to fold/collapsible/folding (bicycle, antenna, bed etc)
        chóngdié, [重疊], to overlap/to superimpose/to telescope/to run together/to duplicate/one over ano...
        diéluóhàn, [疊羅漢], human pyramid
        diéjiā, [疊加], superposition/layering/overlay
        zhédiéyǐ, [折疊椅], folding chair/deck chair
        céngdié, [層疊], layer upon layer/tiered
        chángtàodié, [腸套疊], intussusception (medicine)
        céngluándiézhàng, [層巒疊嶂], range upon range of mountains (idiom)

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