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Word: freq index 5178
[嚇唬] xiàhu to scare
to frighten

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        hè/xià, [嚇], to scare/to intimidate/to threaten/(interjection showing disapproval) tut-tut/(i...
        xiàhuài, [嚇壞], to be terrified/to terrify sb
        kǒnghè, [恐嚇], to threaten/to menace
        xiàhu, [嚇唬], to scare/to frighten
        jīngxià, [驚嚇], to frighten/to horrify/to terrify
        xiàdǎo, [嚇倒], to be frightened
        wēihè, [威嚇], to threaten/to intimidate/to cow
        dònghè, [恫嚇], to intimidate/to threaten

        xiàhu, [嚇唬], to scare/to frighten
        hǔ, a tiger's roar/to scare
        hǔrén, to scare people/to bluff/to deceive
        zhàhu, [詐唬], to bluff/to bluster/to intimidate

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