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hōngtái to artificially inflate
to bid up (the price)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        hōng/hǒng/hòng, [閧]/[鬨], roar of laughter (onom.)/hubbub/to roar (as a crowd), to deceive/to coax/to amus...
        hǒngpiàn, [哄騙], to deceive/to cheat
        qǐhòng, [起鬨], to heckle/rowdy jeering/to create a disturbance
        luànhōnghōng, [亂哄哄], noisy and in disarray/in an uproar
        nàohōnghōng, [鬧哄哄], clamorous/noisy/sensational/very exciting
        hōngtángdàxiào, the whole room roaring with laughter (idiom)
        hōngtái, to artificially inflate/to bid up (the price)
        hōngqiǎng, [哄搶], looting
        ménghǒng, to deceive/to cheat
        hōngdòng, [哄動], variant of 轟動|轰动[hōng dòng]
        hōngxiào, to roar with laughter/hoots of laughter/guffaw

        tái, to lift/to raise/(of two or more persons) to carry
        táitóu, [抬頭], to raise one's head/to gain ground/account name, or space for writing the name o...
        táigāo, to raise (price etc)
        táiju, [抬舉], to lift sth up/to elevate sb/to honor sb (with compliments, gifts, promotions et...
        táigàng, [抬槓], to bicker/to argue for the sake of arguing/to carry on poles (together with sb e...
        gāotáiguìshǒu, [高抬貴手], to be generous (idiom)/to be magnanimous/Give me a break!
        hōngtái, to artificially inflate/to bid up (the price)

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