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        gē, elder brother
哥伦比亚         Gēlúnbǐyà, [哥倫比亞], Colombia/Columbia (District of, or University etc)
        lún, [倫], human relationship/order/coherence
        Bǐ/bī/bǐ/bì, Belgium/Belgian/abbr. for 比利時|比利时[Bǐ lì shí], euphemistic variant of 屄[bī], (par...
比亚         Bǐyà, [比亞], Bia, daughter of Pallas and Styx in Greek mythology, personification of violence
        Yà/yà, [亞], Asia/Asian/Taiwan pr. [Yǎ], second/next to/inferior/sub-/Taiwan pr. [yǎ]
        rén, man/person/people/CL:個|个[gè],位[wèi]

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