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nǎxiē which ones?

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        nǎ/na/něi, how/which, (emphatic sentence-final particle, used instead of 啊[a] after a word ...
        nǎr, [哪兒], where?/wherever/anywhere
        nǎlǐ, [哪裏]/[哪裡], where?/somewhere/anywhere/wherever/nowhere (negative answer to question)/humble ...
        nǎge, [哪個], which/who
        nǎpà, even/even if/even though/no matter how
        nǎxiē, which ones?/who?/what?
        nǎménzi, [哪門子], (coll.) (emphasizing a rhetorical question) what/what kind/why on earth

        zhèxiē, [這些], these
        nàxiē, those
        xiē, classifier indicating a small amount or small number greater than 1: some, a few...
        yīxiē, some/a few/a little/(following an adjective) slightly ...er
        yǒuxiē, some/somewhat
        mǒuxiē, some/certain (things)
        nǎxiē, which ones?/who?/what?
        hǎoxiē, a good deal of/quite a lot
        xiēxǔ, [些許], a few/a little/a bit
        xiǎnxiē, [險些], narrowly/almost/nearly

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