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kùnjiǒng embarrassment

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        kùnnan, [困難], difficult/challenging/straitened circumstances/difficult situation
        kùn, [睏], to trap/to surround/hard-pressed/stranded/destitute, sleepy/tired
        kùnrǎo, [困擾], to perplex/to disturb/to cause complications
        kùnhuò, bewildered/perplexed/confused/difficult problem/perplexity
        kùnjìng, predicament/plight
        pínkùn, [貧困], impoverished/poverty
        qióngkùn, [窮困], destitute/wretched poverty
        kùnkǔ, deprivation/distressed/miserable
        wéikùn, [圍困], to besiege
        kùnjiǒng, embarrassment
        kùnjuàn, tired/weary
        kùnè, in deep water/difficult situation
        kùndùn, [困頓], fatigued/exhausted/poverty-stricken/in straitened circumstances

        jiǒngjìng, awkward situation/predicament
        jiǒngpò, poverty-stricken/very poor/hard-pressed/in a predicament/embarrassed
        kùnjiǒng, embarrassment
        jiǒng, distressed/embarrassed
        shòujiǒng, embarrassed/bothered/in an awkward position
        jiǒngkuàng, [窘況], predicament
        fājiǒng, [發窘], to feel embarrassment/disconcerted/embarrassed

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