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        shèng, [聖], holy/sacred/saint/sage
圣约         shèngyuē, [聖約], covenant
圣约翰         ShèngYuēhàn, [聖約翰], Saint John
圣约翰斯         ShèngYuēhànsī, [聖約翰斯], St John's, capital of Labrador and Newfoundland province, Canada
        yāo/yuē, [約], to weigh in a balance or on a scale, to make an appointment/to invite/approximat...
约翰         Yuēhàn, [約翰], John (name)/Johan (name)/Johann (name)
        Hàn/hàn, surname Han, writing brush/writing/pen
        Sī/sī, Slovakia/Slovak/abbr. for 斯洛伐克[Sī luò fá kè], (phonetic)/this
        lǐ, texture/grain (of wood)/inner essence/intrinsic order/reason/logic/truth/science...

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