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Word: freq index 26900
[堅毅] jiānyì firm and persistent
unswerving determination

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        jiānchí, [堅持], to persevere with/to persist in/to insist on
        jiānqiáng, [堅強], staunch/strong
        jiānxìn, [堅信], to believe firmly/without any doubt
        jiāndìng, [堅定], firm/steady/staunch/resolute
        jiānjué, [堅決], firm/resolute/determined
        jiānguǒ, [堅果], nut
        jiān, [堅], strong/solid/firm/unyielding/resolute
        jiānshǒu, [堅守], to hold fast to/to stick to
        jiāngù, [堅固], firm/firmly/hard/stable
        jiānyìng, [堅硬], hard/solid
        jiānshí, [堅實], firm and substantial/solid
        jiānchíbùxiè, [堅持不懈], to persevere unremittingly (idiom); to keep going until the end
        jiānrèn, [堅韌], tough and durable/tenacious
        jiānbùkěcuī, [堅不可摧], invulnerable, indestructible, impregnable
        jiāntǐng, [堅挺], firm and upright/strong (of currency)
        Měilìjiān, [美利堅], America
        jiāndìngbùyí, [堅定不移], unswerving/unflinching
        jiānchēng, [堅稱], to claim/to insist
        jiānyì, [堅毅], firm and persistent/unswerving determination
        zhōngjiān, [中堅], core/nucleus/backbone
        jiānrěn, [堅忍], persevering
        wújiānbùcuī, [無堅不摧], no stronghold one cannot overcome (idiom); to conquer every obstacle/nothing one...
        jiānrènbùbá, [堅韌不拔], firm and indomitable (idiom); tenacious and unyielding
        gōngjiān, [攻堅], to assault a fortified position/(fig.) to concentrate one's efforts on a particu...
        jiānbīng, [堅冰], ice/(fig.) frosty relationship
        jiānzhēn, [堅貞], firm/unswerving/loyal to the end
        jiānqiángbùqū, [堅強不屈], staunch and unyielding (idiom); steadfast
        jiānrěnbùbá, [堅忍不拔], fortitude
        jiāndìngxìng, [堅定性], firmness/steadfastness
        jiānzhèn, [堅振], confirmation (Christian ceremony)
        jiānzhēnbùyú, [堅貞不渝], unyielding integrity (idiom); unwavering

        yìlì, perseverance/willpower
        jiānyì, [堅毅], firm and persistent/unswerving determination
        gāngyì, [剛毅], resolute/steadfast/stalwart
        yìrán, firmly/resolutely/without hesitation
        yìránjuérán, [毅然決然], without hesitation/resolutely/firmly

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