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Word: freq index 26406
[增壓] zēngyā to pressurize
to boost
to supercharge

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        zēngjiā, to raise/to increase
        zēngzhǎng, [增長], to grow/to increase
        zēngyuán, to reinforce
        zēngqiáng, [增強], to increase/to strengthen
        zēng, to increase/to expand/to add
        zēngdà, to enlarge/to amplify/to magnify
        zēngduō, to increase/to grow in number
        zēngtiān, to add/to increase
        zēngjìn, [增進], to promote/to enhance/to further/to advance (a cause etc)
        zēngsè, to enrich/to enhance/to beautify
        zēnggāo, to heighten/to raise/to increase/to rise
        jīzēng, to increase rapidly/to shoot up
        zēngyā, [增壓], to pressurize/to boost/to supercharge
        yǔrìjùzēng, [與日俱增], to increase steadily/to grow with each passing day
        bèizēng, to double/to redouble/to increase many times over/to multiply by a factor/multip...
        zēngzhí, to appreciate (financially)/to increase in value/value-added (accountancy)
        měngzēng, sharp increase/rapid growth
        zēngguāng, to add luster/to add glory
        jùzēng, [劇增], dramatic increase
        zēngzhíshuì, [增值稅], value-added tax (VAT)
        zēngzhí, growth/increase
        zēngshēng, growth (of organism)/proliferation/supernumerary candidate (in imperial examatio...
        zēngbīng, to reinforce/to increase troop numbers/reinforcements/extra troops
        zēngliàng, increment
        zēngshè, [增設], to add to existing facilities or services
        zēngzhǎnglǜ, [增長率], growth rate (esp. in economics)
        zēngkān, additional publication/supplement (to a newspaper)
        zēngfú, growth rate/amplification
        xīnzēng, newly added/additional/to add (to what already exists)
        yǒuzēngwújiǎn, [有增無減], to increase without letup/to get worse and worse (idiom)
        zēngyì, to increase/gain (electronics)/(gaming) buff
        dìzēng, [遞增], to increase by degrees/in increasing order/incremental/progressive
        zēngjiǎn, [增減], to add or subtract/to increase or decrease/to go up or go down
        zēngdìngběn, [增訂本], revised and enlarged edition
        zēngzī, [增資], capital increase
        rìzēng, increasing by the day
        zēngbǔ, [增補], to augment/to supplement/to add
        zēngsù, to speed up/to accelerate/growth rate (economics)

        yālì, [壓力], pressure
        yā/yà, [壓], to press/to push down/to keep under (control)/pressure, see 壓根兒|压根儿[yà gēn r]
        xuèyā, [血壓], blood pressure
        yāyì, [壓抑], to constrain or repress emotions/oppressive/stifling/depressing/repression
        yāpò, [壓迫], to oppress/to repress/to constrict/oppression/stress (physics)
        shīyā, [施壓], to pressure
        qìyā, [氣壓], atmospheric pressure/barometric pressure
        yādǎo, [壓倒], to overwhelm/to overpower/overwhelming
        gāoyā, [高壓], high pressure/high-handed
        zhènyā, [鎮壓], suppression/repression/to suppress/to put down/to quell
        jǐyā, [擠壓], to squeeze/to press/to extrude
        diànyā, [電壓], voltage
        jiǎnyā, [減壓], to reduce pressure/to relax
        yāsuō, [壓縮], to compress/compression
        gāoxuèyā, [高血壓], high blood pressure/hypertension
        yādī, [壓低], to lower (one's voice)
        yāzhà, [壓榨], to press/to squeeze/to extract juice, oil etc by squeezing
        yàgēnr, [壓根兒], erhua variant of 壓根|压根[yà gēn]
        jiāyā, [加壓], to pressurize/to pile on pressure
        yèyā, [液壓], hydraulic pressure
        biànyāqì, [變壓器], transformer
        shuǐyā, [水壓], water pressure
        gāoyādiàn, [高壓電], high voltage
        yākuǎ, [壓垮], to cause sth to collapse under the weight/(fig.) to overwhelm
        zēngyā, [增壓], to pressurize/to boost/to supercharge
        yāyùn, [壓韻], variant of 押韻|押韵[yā yùn]
        jiàngyā, [降壓], to reduce the pressure (of a fluid)/to lower one's blood pressure/to lower (or s...
        dīyā, [低壓], low pressure/low voltage
        yāsuōjī, [壓縮機], compactor/compressor
        jīyā, [積壓], to pile up/to accumulate without being dealt with
        ànyā, [按壓], to press/to push (a button)
        qīyā, [欺壓], to bully/to push around
        qìyājì, [氣壓計], barometer
        yāzhòuxì, [壓軸戲], next-to-last item on a program (theater)/climax
        gāoyāyǎng, [高壓氧], hyperbaric oxygen/hyperbaric oxygenation/also abbr. for 高壓氧治療|高压氧治疗[gāo yā yǎng ...
        dàqìyā, [大氣壓], atmospheric pressure
        chòngyā, [沖壓], to stamp/to press (sheet metal)/Taiwan pr. [chōng yā]
        zhòngyā, [重壓], high pressure/bearing a heavy weight
        dīxuèyā, [低血壓], low blood pressure
        yāqiáng, [壓強], pressure (physics)
        xuèyājì, [血壓計], blood pressure meter/sphygmomanometer
        yāsuìqián, [壓歲錢], money given to children as new year present
        yālìjì, [壓力計], pressure gauge/manometer/piezometer
        hēiyāyā, [黑壓壓], see 烏壓壓|乌压压[wū yā yā]
        niǎnyā, [碾壓], to crush or compact by means of a roller
        yālùjī, [壓路機], road roller
        yājià, [壓價], to depress prices
线         gāoyāxiàn, [高壓線], high tension power line
        gāoyāguō, [高壓鍋], pressure cooker
        shēngyā, [升壓], to boost the pressure (of a fluid)/to boost (or step up) the voltage
        yālìguō, [壓力鍋], pressure cooker
        yādiàn, [壓電], piezoelectricity (physics)
        yāzhèn, [壓陣], to bring up the rear/to provide support/to hold the lines
        kòuyā, [扣壓], to withhold/to hold sth back (and prevent it being known)
        múyā, [模壓], mold pressing
        shèntòuyā, [滲透壓], osmotic pressure
        yǎnyā, [眼壓], intraocular pressure

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