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        fèn, [奮], to exert oneself (bound form)
奋发         fènfā, [奮發], to rouse to vigorous action/energetic mood
        fā/fà, [發]/[髮], to send out/to show (one's feeling)/to issue/to develop/to make a bundle of mone...
        Xiàng/xiàng, [嚮]/[曏], surname Xiang, towards/to face/to turn towards/direction/to support/to side with...
向上         xiàngshàng, upward/up/to advance/to try to improve oneself/to make progress
        shǎng/shàng, see 上聲|上声[shǎng shēng], on top/upon/above/upper/previous/first (of multiple part...

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