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[獎章] jiǎngzhāng medal

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        jiǎng, [獎], prize/award/encouragement/CL:個|个[gè]
        jiǎnglì, [獎勵], to reward/reward (as encouragement)
        jiǎngjīn, [獎金], premium/award money/bonus
        jiǎngxuéjīn, [獎學金], scholarship/CL:個|个[gè]
        jiǎngpǐn, [獎品], award/prize
        bānjiǎng, [頒獎], to award (a medal)
        jiǎngbēi, [獎杯], trophy cup
        kuājiǎng, [誇獎], to praise/to applaud/to compliment
        jiǎngshǎng, [獎賞], reward/prize/award
        huòjiǎng, [獲獎], prize-winning
        jiǎngzhāng, [獎章], medal/CL:枚[méi]
        dàjiǎng, [大獎], prize/award
        jiǎngxiàng, [獎項], award/prize/CL:項|项[xiàng]
        zhòngjiǎng, [中獎], to win a prize/a successful gamble
        jiǎngpái, [獎牌], medal/trophy/prize
        NuòbèiěrJiǎng, [諾貝爾獎], Nobel Prize
        jiājiǎng, [嘉獎], to award/commendation/citation
        huòjiǎngzhě, [穫獎者], prize-winner/laureate
        lǐngjiǎng, [領獎], to accept a prize/a prize-winner
        chōujiǎng, [抽獎], to draw a prize/a lottery/a raffle
        déjiǎng, [得獎], to win a prize
        yīděngjiǎng, [一等獎], first prize
        jiǎngzhuàng, [獎狀], certificate (of prize, degree, diploma etc)
        jiǎngquàn, [獎券], raffle or lottery ticket
        lǐngjiǎngtái, [領獎臺], (winner's) podium
        jīnjiǎng, [金獎], gold medal/first prize
        fājiǎng, [發獎], to award a prize
        guòjiǎng, [過獎], to over-praise/to flatter
        jìniànjiǎng, [紀念獎], trophy
        niánzhōngjiǎng, [年終獎], year-end bonus
        shòujiǎng, [授獎], to award a prize
        yínzhìjiǎng, [銀質獎], silver medal/runner-up

        wénzhāng, article/essay/literary works/writings/hidden meaning/CL:篇[piān],段[duàn],頁|页[yè]
        Zhāng/zhāng, surname Zhang, chapter/section/clause/movement (of symphony)/seal/badge/regulati...
        huīzhāng, badge/emblem/insignia/crest/logo/coat of arms
        xūnzhāng, [勛章], medal/decoration
        zhāngyú, [章魚], octopus
        jiǎngzhāng, [獎章], medal/CL:枚[méi]
        guīzhāng, [規章], rule/regulation
        yìnzhāng, seal/signet/chop/stamp/CL:方[fāng]
        wéizhāng, [違章], to break the rules/to violate regulations
        zhāngjié, [章節], chapter/section
        xiànzhāng, [憲章], charter
        yuèzhāng, [樂章], movement (of a symphony)
        piānzhāng, writing/sections and chapters
        shùnlǐchéngzhāng, [順理成章], logical/only to be expected/rational and clearly structured (of text)
        gàizhāng, [蓋章], to affix a seal (to sth)
        zhāngchéng, rules/regulations/constitution/statute/articles of association (of company)/arti...
        bìzhāng, armband/armlet/shoulder emblem
        záluànwúzhāng, [雜亂無章], disordered and in a mess (idiom); all mixed up and chaotic
        túzhāng, [圖章], stamp/seal/CL:方[fāng]
        duànzhāngqǔyì, [斷章取義], lit. to take meaning from cut segment (idiom); to interpret out of context/to fo...
        jiānzhāng, epaulet/shoulder loop/shoulder mark
        zuòwénzhāng, to make an issue of sth/to fuss/to make a song and dance
        bàozhāng, [報章], newspapers
        yuēfǎsānzhāng, [約法三章], to agree on three laws (idiom); provisional agreement made by new dynastic gover...
        xiōngzhāng, lapel badge/CL:枚[méi]
        jìniànzhāng, [紀念章], memorial badge/souvenir badge/CL:枚[méi]
        xiùzhāng, armband (e.g. as part of uniform or to show status)
        dàyǒuwénzhāng, some deeper meaning in this/more to it than meets the eye/there's sth behind all...
        zhèngzhāng, [證章], badge
        biǎomiànwénzhāng, superficial show/going through the motions
        zhōuzhāng, effort/trouble/pains (to get sth done)/flustered/frightened
        dǎngzhāng, [黨章], party constitution
        xiàngzhāng, badge/insignia/lapel badge (e.g. with miniature portrait of great national leade...
        jiǎnzhāng, [簡章], general regulation/simplified rule
        ZhāngZǐyí, Zhang Ziyi (1979-), PRC actress

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