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shēmí extravagant

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        shēchǐ, luxurious/extravagant
        shēhuá, [奢華], luxurious/sumptuous/lavish
        shēwàng, an extravagant hope/to have excessive expectations
        shēchǐpǐn, luxury good
        shē, extravagant
        shēmí, extravagant

        suǒxiàngpīmǐ, to sweep everything before one/to be invincible (idiom)
        fēngmǐ, [風靡], fashionable/popular
        wěimǐ, dispirited/depressed
        mí/mǐ, wasted, extravagant/go with fashion/not
        wěimǐbùzhèn, dispirited and listless (idiom); downcast
        fēngmǐyīshí, [風靡一時], fashionable for a while (idiom); all the rage
        shēmí, extravagant
        mǐmǐzhīyīn, decadent or obscene music

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