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Word: freq index 10623
HSK 6 character: radical , 6 strokes, freq index 2130
wàng absurd

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        wàngxiǎng, to attempt vainly/a vain attempt/delusion
        wàng, absurd/fantastic/presumptuous/rash
        qīngjǔwàngdòng, [輕舉妄動], to act blindly without thinking (idiom)
        kuángwàng, egotistical/arrogant/brassy
        kuángwàngzìdà, arrogant and conceited
        chīxīnwàngxiǎng, to be carried away by one's wishful thinking (idiom)/to labor under a delusion/w...
        wàngtú, [妄圖], to try in vain/futile attempt
        wàngzìzūndà, ridiculous self-importance (idiom); arrogance
        wàngzìfěibó, to be unduly humble (idiom)/to undervalue oneself
        wàngdòng, [妄動], to rush indiscriminately into action
        dǎndàwàngwéi, [膽大妄為], daring/presumptuous/daredevil
        wàngchēng, [妄稱], to make a false and unwarranted declaration
        zìyìwàngwéi, [恣意妄為], to behave unscrupulously
        xūwàng, [虛妄], fabricated
        wàngyán, lies/wild talk/to tell lies/to talk nonsense/fantasy (literature)
        zhānwàng, [譫妄], delirium
        wàngyǔ, [妄語], to tell lies/to talk nonsense

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