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Word: freq index 49408
[妖嬈] yāoráo enchanting
alluring (of a girl)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        yāo, goblin/witch/devil/bewitching/enchanting/monster/phantom/demon
        yāojing, evil spirit/alluring woman
        yāoguài, monster/devil
        yāoshù, [妖術], sorcery
        yāomó, demon
        yāomóguǐguài, demons and ghosts/ghouls and bogies
        yāoniè, evildoer
        yāoyán, heresy
        yāoyàn, [妖艷], pretty and flirtatious
        yāoqì, [妖氣], sinister appearance/monster-like appearance
        yāoráo, [妖嬈], enchanting/alluring (of a girl)
        yāomèi, seductive
        zhàoyāojìng, [照妖鏡], magic mirror for revealing goblins/fig. way of seeing through a conspiracy
        yāoyě, pretty and flirtatious
        yāofēng, [妖風], evil wind

        yāoráo, [妖嬈], enchanting/alluring (of a girl)

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