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[妙齡] miàolíng (of a girl) in the prime of youth

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        měimiào, beautiful/wonderful/splendid
        miào, [玅], clever/wonderful, variant of 妙[miào]
        bùmiào, (of a turn of events) not too encouraging/far from good/anything but reassuring
        qímiào, fantastic/wonderful
        juémiào, [絕妙], exquisite
        mòmíngqímiào, (idiom) baffling/inexplicable
        wēimiào, subtle
        qiǎomiào, ingenious/clever/ingenuity/artifice
        miàobùkěyán, too wonderful for words
        miàojì, [妙計], excellent plan/brilliant scheme
        jīngmiào, exquisite/fine and delicate (usu. of works of art)
        àomiào, [奧妙], marvelous/mysterious/profound/marvel/wonder
        miàoshǒu, miraculous hands of a healer/highly skilled person/brilliant move in chess or we...
        miàochù, [妙處], ideal place/suitable location/merit/advantage
        miàolíng, [妙齡], (of a girl) in the prime of youth
        xuánmiào, mysterious/profound/abstruse
        miàoyǔ, [妙語], witticism
        língdānmiàoyào, [靈丹妙藥], effective cure, miracle medicine (idiom); fig. wonder-cure for all problems/pana...
        miàoshǒuhuíchūn, magical hands bring the dying back to life (idiom); miracle cure/brilliant docto...
        wéimiàowéixiào, to imitate to perfection/to be remarkably true to life
        miàoyǔliánzhū, [妙語連珠], sparkling with wit (idiom)
        miàoqùhéngshēng, [妙趣橫生], endlessly interesting (idiom)/very witty
        mòmíngqímiào, variant of 莫名其妙[mò míng qí miào]
        shénmiào, marvelous/wondrous
        miàoqù, witty/clever/amusing
        wéimiàowéixiào, [維妙維肖], to imitate to perfection/to be remarkably true to life

        niánlíng, [年齡], (a person's) age/CL:把[bǎ],個|个[gè]
        bǎolíngqiú, [保齡球], ten-pin bowling (loanword)/bowling ball
        líng, [齡], age/length of experience, membership etc
        tónglíngrén, [同齡人], peer/one's contemporary/person of the same age
        tónglíng, [同齡], of the same age
        gāolíng, [高齡], elderly
        miàolíng, [妙齡], (of a girl) in the prime of youth
        dàlíng, [大齡], older (than average in a group, at school, for marriage etc)
        xuélíng, [學齡], school age
        fānglíng, [芳齡], age (of a young woman)
        lǎolínghuà, [老齡化], aging (population)
        hūnlíng, [婚齡], length of married life/marriageable age/actual marrying age
        shìlíng, [適齡], of age/of the appropriate age
        gōnglíng, [工齡], length of service/seniority
        lǎolíng, [老齡], old age/aging/aged/geriatric/the aged
        chāolíng, [超齡], too old/overage/(of a young person's behavior or attributes) beyond one's years/...
        yùlíng, [育齡], childbearing age
        dǎnglíng, [黨齡], party standing/age of service to the Party

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