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        wēi, power/might/prestige
威廉         Wēilián, William or Wilhelm (name)
        lián/Lián, [㢘]/[亷], old variant of 廉[lián], old variant of 廉[lián], surname Lian, incorruptible/hone...
        kù, [庫], warehouse/storehouse
库伦         Kùlún, [庫倫], Kulun, the former name for modern Ulan Bator, capital of Mongolia (Mongolian: te...
        lún, [倫], human relationship/order/coherence
        bài, to pay respect/worship/visit/salute
        ēn, [㤙], variant of 恩[ēn], favor/grace/kindness
        tè, special/unique/distinguished/especially/unusual/very

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