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Word: freq index 16960
Character: radical , 20 strokes, freq index 2709
[孼] niè variant of 孽[niè]
son born of a concubine

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        zuìniè, sin/crime/wrongdoing
        niè, [孼], variant of 孽[niè], son born of a concubine/disaster/sin/evil
        nièzhǒng, [孽種], bane of one's existence/vile spawn
        yāoniè, evildoer
        zàoniè, to do evil/to commit sins
        nièzhàng, evil creature
        yúniè, [餘孽], remaining evil element/surviving members (of evil former regime)/dregs (of colon...
        yuānniè, sin (in Buddhism)/enmity leading to sin

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