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Word: freq index 6953
HSK 6 character: radical , 6 strokes, freq index 2252
zhái residence
(coll.) to stay in at home
to hang around at home

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        zhái, residence/(coll.) to stay in at home/to hang around at home
        zhùzhái, residence/tenement
        zhùzháiqū, [住宅區], residential area/housing development
        mínzhái, house/people's homes
        zháizi, house/residence
        xiōngzhái, [兇宅], inauspicious abode/haunted house
        zhùzháilóu, [住宅樓], residential building/CL:幢[zhuàng],座[zuò],棟|栋[dòng]
        zháiyuàn, house/house with a courtyard
        jiāzhái, home/residence/house
        jiùzhái, [舊宅], former residence
        gùzhái, former home
        zháidì, residence/mansion

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