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HSK 5 word: freq index 10128
wánshàn (of systems, facilities etc) comprehensive
to refine
to improve

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        wánquán, complete/whole/totally/entirely
        wán, to finish/to be over/whole/complete/entire
        wánchéng, to complete/to accomplish
        wánměi, perfect/perfection/perfectly
        wánbì, [完畢], to finish/to end/to complete
        wándàn, (coll.) to be done for
        wánzhěng, complete/intact
        wánle, to be finished/to be done for/ruined/gone to the dogs/oh no
        méiwánméiliǎo, [沒完沒了], without end/incessantly/on and on
        wángōng, to finish work/to complete a project
        wánshàn, (of systems, facilities etc) comprehensive/well-developed/excellent/to refine/to...
        wánhǎo, intact/in good condition
        wánměiwúquē, [完美無缺], perfect and without blemish/flawless/to leave nothing to be desired
        wánjié, [完結], to finish/to conclude/completed
        wánhǎowúsǔn, [完好無損], in good condition/undamaged/intact
        wánrén, perfect person
        wánzhěngxìng, integrity/completeness
        tǐwúwánfū, [體無完膚], lit. cuts and bruises all over (idiom); fig. totally refuted
        wánmǎn, [完滿], successful/satisfactory
        wánbèi, [完備], faultless/complete/perfect/to leave nothing to be desired
        shòuwán, to sell out
        wánbìguīZhào, [完璧歸趙], lit. to return the jade annulus to Zhao (idiom); fig. to return something intact...

        císhàn, benevolent/charitable
        shàn, good (virtuous)/benevolent/well-disposed/good at sth/to improve or perfect
        shànliáng, good and honest/kindhearted
        yǒushàn, friendly
        shànyú, [善於], to be good at/to be adept at
        gǎishàn, to make better/to improve/CL:個|个[gè]
        shànshì, good deeds
        shànyì, goodwill/benevolence/kindness
        wánshàn, (of systems, facilities etc) comprehensive/well-developed/excellent/to refine/to...
        héshàn, good-natured
        císhànjiā, philanthropist/humanitarian/charity donor
        wěishàn, [偽善], hypocritical
        shànxīn, kindness/benevolence/philanthropy/virtuous intentions
        shànjiěrényì, to be good at understanding others (idiom)
        tuǒshàn, appropriate/proper
        shànhòu, [善後], to deal with the aftermath (arising from an accident)/funeral arrangements/repar...
        shàndài, to treat well
        shànè, [善惡], good and evil/good versus evil
        xíngshàn, to do good works/to be merciful
        shànjǔ, [善舉], meritorious deed/benevolent act
        jìnshànjìnměi, [盡善盡美], perfect (idiom); perfection/the best of all possible worlds/as good as it gets
        bùshàn, bad/ill/not good at/not to be pooh-poohed/quite impressive
        shànbiàn, [善變], fickle/mercurial/changeable/capricious/to be apt to change
        lèshànhàoshī, [樂善好施], kind and charitable
        shànrén, philanthropist/charitable person/well-doer
        shànshǐshànzhōng, [善始善終], where there's a start, there's a finish (idiom); to finish once one starts sth/t...
        yǔrénwéishàn, [與人為善], to be of service to others/to help others/benevolent
        duōduōyìshàn, the more the better
        néngyánshànbiàn, [能言善辯], glib of tongue (idiom)/eloquent
        nénggēshànwǔ, can sing and dance (idiom); fig. a person of many talents
        shànyòng, to be good at using (sth)/to put (sth) to good use
        shànwàng, forgetful/amnesia
        měishàn, beautiful and good
        liángshàn, good
        xúnxúnshànyòu, [循循善誘], to guide patiently and systematically (idiom)
        Yǒngshàn, Yongshan county in Zhaotong 昭通[Zhāo tōng], Yunnan
        shànnánxìnnǚ, lay practitioners of Buddhism
        címéishànmù, kind brows, pleasant eyes (idiom); amiable looking/benign-faced
        zhēnshànměi, truth, goodness and beauty

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