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Word: freq index 9968
HSK 5 character: radical , 8 strokes, freq index 1835
[寵] chǒng to love
to pamper
to spoil
to favor

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        chǒngwù, [寵物], house pet
        chǒng, [寵], to love/to pamper/to spoil/to favor
        shòuchǒngruòjīng, [受寵若驚], overwhelmed by favor from superior (humble expr.)
        chǒnghuài, [寵壞], to spoil (a child etc)
        chǒngài, [寵愛], to dote on sb
        chǒngér, [寵兒], pet/favorite/darling
        huázhòngqǔchǒng, [嘩眾取寵], sensationalism/vulgar claptrap to please the crowds/playing to the gallery/demag...
        shòuchǒng, [受寵], to receive favor (from superior)/favored/pampered
        shīchǒng, [失寵], to lose favor/in disfavor/disgraced
        chǒngxìn, [寵信], to dote on and trust
        jiāochǒng, [嬌寵], to indulge/to spoil
        déchǒng, [得寵], to be a favorite/favor

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