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Word: freq index 28851
HSK 6 character: radical , 13 strokes, freq index 2970
[寑] qǐn old variant of 寢
[寢] qǐn to lie down

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        qǐnshì, [寢室], bedroom/dormitory/CL:間|间[jiān]
        jiùqǐn, [就寢], to go to sleep/to go to bed (literary)
        qǐn, [寑]/[寢], old variant of 寢|寝[qǐn], to lie down
        qǐnshínánān, [寢食難安], lit. cannot rest or eat in peace (idiom)/fig. extremely worried and troubled
        fèiqǐnwàngshí, [廢寢忘食], to neglect sleep and forget about food (idiom)/to skip one's sleep and meals/to ...
寿         shòuzhōngzhèngqǐn, [壽終正寢], to die of old age/to die in one's bed at a ripe old age
        qǐnjù, [寢具], bedding

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