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Word: freq index 5629
HSK 5 character: radical , 8 strokes, freq index 1343
Shàng surname Shang
shàng still
to value
to esteem

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        shíshàng, [時尚], fashion/fad/fashionable
        Shàng/shàng, surname Shang, still/yet/to value/to esteem
        gāoshàng, noble/lofty/refined/exquisite
        shàngwèi, not yet/still not
        fēngshàng, [風尚], current custom/current way of doing things
        héshang, Buddhist monk
        chóngshàng, to hold up (as an model)/to hold in esteem/to revere/to advocate
        shàngqiě, (not) even/yet/still
        lǐshàngwǎnglái, [禮尚往來], lit. proper behavior is based on reciprocity (idiom)/fig. to return politeness f...
        shàngwú, [尚無], not yet/not so far
        shàngwǔ, to promote a martial spirit/to revere military skills/warlike
        shàngkě, not bad/satisfactory
        shàngfāngbǎojiàn, [尚方寶劍], variant of 尚方劍|尚方剑[shàng fāng jiàn]/imperial sword (giving bearer arbitrary powe...
        Qìngshàngdào, [慶尚道], Gyeongsang Province of Joseon Korea, now divided into North Gyeongsang Province ...

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