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[屍骸] shīhái corpse

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        shītǐ, [屍體], dead body/corpse/carcass/CL:具[jù]
        shī, [屍], person representing the dead (during burial ceremonies)/to put a corpse on displ...
        yànshī, [驗屍], autopsy/postmortem examination
        jiāngshī, [殭屍], gyonshi/jiang shi/Chinese vampire/zombie
        sǐshī, [死屍], a corpse/a dead body
        shīgǔ, [屍骨], skeleton of the dead
        shīshou, [屍首], corpse/carcass/dead body
        shīhái, [屍骸], corpse/skeleton
        mǎgéguǒshī, [馬革裹屍], to be buried in a horse hide (idiom)/to give one's life on the battlefield

        cánhái, [殘骸], remains/wreckage
        yíhái, [遺骸], (dead) human remains
        háigǔ, skeleton/skeletal remains
        hái, bones of the body
        shīhái, [屍骸], corpse/skeleton
        fànglàngxínghái, to abandon all restraint (idiom)
        xínghái, the human body/skeleton

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