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[巧婦] qiǎofù clever wife
ingenious housewife
Eurasian wren (Troglodytes troglodytes)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        qiǎokèlì, chocolate (loanword)/CL:塊|块[kuài]
        jìqiǎo, skill/technique
        qiǎohé, coincidence/coincidental/to coincide
        qiǎo, opportunely/coincidentally/as it happens/skillful/timely
        pèngqiǎo, by chance/by coincidence/to happen to
        qiǎomiào, ingenious/clever/ingenuity/artifice
        còuqiǎo, [湊巧], fortuitously/luckily/as chance has it
        qiàqiǎo, fortunately/unexpectedly/by coincidence
        zhèngqiǎo, just by chance/to happen to (just at the right time)/opportune
        bùqiǎo, too bad/unfortunately/as luck would have it
        xiǎoqiǎo, small and exquisite/delicate/fine (features)/compact/nifty
        qīngqiǎo, [輕巧], dexterous/deft/easy/light and easy to use/nimble/agile/lithe/graceful
        jīngqiǎo, elaborate
        língqiǎo, [靈巧], deft/nimble/ingenious
        gāngqiǎo, [剛巧], by chance/by coincidence/by good luck
        shúnéngshēngqiǎo, with familiarity you learn the trick (idiom); practice makes perfect
        tóujīqǔqiǎo, [投機取巧], to seize every opportunity/to be full of tricks
        guāiqiǎo, clever (child)/smart/lovable/cute
        nòngqiǎochéngzhuō, to overreach oneself/to try to be clever and end up with egg on one's face
        qiǎoshérúhuáng, lit. to have a tongue like a reed (idiom)/fig. to have a glib tongue
        qiǎoshǒu, skillful hands/dexterous/a dab hand
        tǎoqiǎo, [討巧], to act cleverly to get what one desires/to get the best at least expense
        qiǎofù, [巧婦], clever wife/ingenious housewife/Eurasian wren (Troglodytes troglodytes)
        huāyánqiǎoyǔ, [花言巧語], graceful words, flowery speech (idiom); elegant but insincere words/cheating whe...
        xīnlíngshǒuqiǎo, [心靈手巧], capable/clever/dexterous
        shǒuqiǎo, to be skillful with one's hands/to be manually adroit
        xiǎoqiǎolínglóng, [小巧玲瓏], dainty and delicate/exquisite
        qīqiǎobǎn, tangram (traditional Chinese block puzzle)
        qiǎojì, [巧計], maneuver/scheme
        piānqiǎo, by coincidence/it so happened that/fortunately/against expectation
        qǔqiǎo, quick fix/opportune short cut (around a difficulty)/cheap trick (to get what one...
        qiǎojiàng, skilled workman
        qiǎosī, innovative thinking/ingenuity
        qiǎobiàn, [巧辯], to argue skillfully or plausibly/rhetoric

        fūfù, [夫婦], a (married) couple/husband and wife/CL:對|对[duì]
        fùnǚ, [婦女], woman
        dàngfù, [蕩婦], slut/floozy/prostitute
        zhǔfù, [主婦], housewife/woman of senior authority in a household/the lady of the house/hostess
        guǎfu, [寡婦], widow
        fù, [婦]/[媍], woman, old variant of 婦|妇[fù]
        qíngfù, [情婦], mistress/paramour (of married man)
        yùnfù, [孕婦], pregnant woman
        fùrén, [婦人], married woman
        pōfù, [潑婦], shrew/vixen
        fùkē, [婦科], gynecology
        fùchǎnkē, [婦產科], department of gynecology and obstetrics/birth clinic
        xífù, [媳婦], daughter-in-law/wife (of a younger man)/young married woman/young woman
        érxífu, [兒媳婦], daughter-in-law
        guìfù, [貴婦], upper-class woman/lady (old)
        chāngfù, [娼婦], prostitute
        chǎnfù, [產婦], woman recuperating after childbirth/woman in childbirth
        chángshéfù, [長舌婦], female gossip/busybody
        shàofù, [少婦], young married woman
        hànfù, [悍婦], violent woman/shrew
        guìfùrén, [貴婦人], dame
        fùlián, [婦聯], women's league/women's association
        qiǎofù, [巧婦], clever wife/ingenious housewife/Eurasian wren (Troglodytes troglodytes)
        pīnfù, [姘婦], mistress/concubine/kept woman
        xīnfù, [新婦], bride/(dialect) daughter-in-law
        nóngfù, [農婦], peasant woman (in former times)/female farm worker
        yúfù, [漁婦], fisherwoman
        fùyòu, [婦幼], women and children
        xiǎoxífu, [小媳婦], young married woman/mistress/(fig.) punching bag/(old) child bride
        fùrújiēzhī, [婦孺皆知], understood by everyone (idiom); well known/a household name

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