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        chā/chà/chāi, difference/discrepancy/to differ/error/to err/to make a mistake, to differ from/...
        Mài/mài, [麥], surname Mai, wheat/barley/oats
麦克         Màikè/màikè, [麥克], Mike (name), microphone (loanword)
麦克白         Màikèbái, [麥克白], Macbeth (name)/Macbeth, 1606 tragedy by William Shakespeare 莎士比亞|莎士比亚
        kè/Kè/kēi, [剋]/[尅], to be able to/to subdue/to restrain/to overcome/gram/Tibetan unit of land area, ...
        Bái/bái, surname Bai, white/snowy/pure/bright/empty/blank/plain/clear/to make clear/in va...

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